The Washington Post is catching up
by on Wednesday, June 11, 2014  (2 comments)

Reported on this last year
Last year, I blogged twice about the latest trends in running shoes. Essentially, that the minimal shoe market was reverting back to the mean and the pendulum was beginning to swing toward the "maximal" end.

Well, now the Washington Post is up on this latest development.

Not pretending to be holier than thou. Just interesting how trends that we could see a year ago are now making it into the mainstream media as if they are fresh, breaking news.

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If you've been running long enough you've probably tried many of the trending shoes over the years. But like the article points out, runners are getting injured at the same rate as they always have regardless of the current shoe trend.

I've worn stability shoes, minimal shoes, cushioned shoes, trail shoes, road shoes, or just what felt comfortable at the time. Last fall I found what I thought is so far the best training shoe I've ever worn, the Adidas Energy Boost. It's light, has slight mid-sole stability but is still flexible, doesn't have a huge cushion, but the cushion it has is amazingly soft. As a bonus, I can get at least 1,000 miles out of a pair. Even at $150 a pop, that's a deal.

The bottom line is you have to buy what fits your foot, feels comfortable and fits into your budget. No matter what shoe you put on your feet, if you run long enough you will at some point, probably several times in your life, be off your feet and out of your running shoes with a running related injury.

Any company that claims a running shoe prevents injury is asking for trouble, like the five fingers shoes. But just for the record, I skipped that trend. Those just looked uncomfortable.

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I think what happens is normal human psychology. We all want the quick fix. It's so easy to see something work for one person and say I wonder if that works for me. Then we want it to work quickly so we end up using the new thing without giving our bodies time to get used to it.

There are some runners for whom minimal shoes make sense. There are others for whom "maximal" shoes make sense. Most lie somewhere in between these ends of the spectrum and will run into problems if they try either of those.

Sometimes a specific pair of shoes can prevent injury for a specific individual. That same pair might cause injury for another individual. That's why we have to find our own shoe. I hate giving shoe advice because a lot of people want me to tell them a specific model to get and that's a no win game. I've found that Asics work very well for me and Brooks give me problems. I know someone else who said the exact opposite, Brooks are great for her and Asics lead to problems. How can I know over email what will work for you? You need to go try them on and find out for yourself.

To bring it back to these trends, I think it's great that the market is going in a direction where we have more options that will suit more people. I just wish it didn't take these wild pendulum swings to get there. There are a lot of people getting hurt unnecessarily due to these swings.

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