Team 2014 Al's Run important dates
by on Tuesday, August 12, 2014  (2 comments)



The time has come again! Most of you probably have already heard through some form of communication that team registration is open. We already have a strong team of 6 members registered. I'd love to see that hit at least 10 by the close of registration. Please see the important dates below so you register in time.

As usual, I will be inviting all team members to my house after the race. It's a great chance to socialize with your teammates away from the race course.

Important Dates:

Tuesday, August 19th: I will again be offering a free singlet or t-shirt to everyone who runs on the team. This year, I will be adding long sleeve t-shirts. I would like to place the order on this date. Get registered and let me know what you would like by this date to make sure I have what you want.

Wednesday, August 27th: Our deadline for getting 10 runners on the team. It doesn't look like I have to submit the team so we can still add runners to the team after this date but, if you want the winged foot on the back of your shirt, you and at least 9 others need to be registered by 4pm on this date.

Saturday, September 13th: Race day!

Register as a member of Team now!

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Singlet please. Medium preferred. Thanks Ryan!!

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I placed the order and you're down for a medium. Sorry about the email yesterday, I was on vacation from Saturday through yesterday and this is my first time logging onto the blogs since Friday.

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