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With a new team for the new year, I am once again wanting to blog more. I have committed myself to a seasonal summer focus on middle distance (800m-5000m) and leading up to that will race 5K-21K on the roads. The ideal is to be ready to compete in either 1500m or 5000m at Masters Track Nationals in mid-July in Kansas. I will likely be blogging more about my own training than I have in the recent past, hence reviving the blog I had used for that in the distant past.

Today I went and spectated at C.U.'s early-season home meet, the Jerry Quiller Classic. It was invigorating to be around a track meet setting again, to see competitors getting after it in spikes. The crack of the starter's pistol, the field bunching together and then dispersing, the labored gasps, the rhythmic coordination of arms and legs, the grins at the finish. Part of me wanted to be racing the 3000m, though I am keenly aware that today I would have been drubbed royally by the guy who finished last. I take that to mean that I should move one of my weekly workouts to the track, though.

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Andrew, good to see you blogging here. It sounds like you have an exciting racing season coming. Double and I every year talk about switching things up, either doing a track season or a cross country season. One of these years, I'm going to rope him into a cross country season as that's what it seems like he usually talks about (from what I can recall at least, he doesn't talk about doing a track season as much as I think about it).

What great descriptions of the images of a track meet. There's nothing like a well run collegiate track meet. So many great images and incredible experiences. When I was in college, I never appreciated the vast greatness of what I was taking part in. Now that I'm not in the middle of it anymore, I can sit back and see how great those events are. I need to get to more of them. Maybe I have to look up when Madison is going to have a home meet or even see if Marquette hosts any meets. If nothing else, there are always local high school meets, which are great in their own way.

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