"Push" weeks
by on Thursday, July 16, 2015  (4 comments)

The runners I have coached for some time can probably think of times where I said something like feel free to challenge yourself because next week is a cutback week. I don't say it often and I've been saying it even less often recently (maybe I should increase my frequency again).

One of the runners who I know I've told this to sent me this link that does a nice job of explaining the concept behind what I was getting at with the idea of challenging yourself with the cutback week coming up.

I might write more on this later but, for now, I thought this was a good primer on the topic. Consider adding some "push" weeks to your training. Just make sure you are using them sparingly.

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P-P-P-Push it real good!

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You got to be careful with those push weeks, since the recovery( cut back) week is not that low either, you decrease your mileage, but not by much, so you got to listen to the body.

Having said that, its good to test the body once in a while to reap further benefits.

Pst. Double, where have you been? I hope you are doing good with your training!

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Ryan, you have on more than one occasion given me the go ahead to push it in a particular week knowing that a cutback week was up next. I truly believe that those weeks help build confidence.

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Good to see you around Double.

Cesar, you need to be careful any time you are challenging your limits. I'm actually not opposed to cutting back even further than the author of that article suggested but you still want to be careful. As I say, challenge yourself. You want to challenge yourself sometimes but you don't want to break yourself.

Ed, I think it's a huge confidence boost. In fact, that in my opinion might be the greatest benefit. That said, I think there is some physiological benefit also to pushing to your limit occasionally.

I'm pretty sure as I think about this I'll be writing about this topic in greater depth, possibly in the near future. I just have too much going on right now to do it justice.

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