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I have been very consistent with my trainig, but my diet is terrible, i am 192 pounds and when I ran my best times I was about 155-160 pounds, so I think the only way that I ll run that fast again is in that weight.

Could you please put an example of the food and snacks that you eat on a daily basis, do you eat junk food here and there?

Thanks a lot

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I saw your email and intended to respond soon but I've been swamped with things to do so I was a little late. I'll respond here instead.

The first thing I always suggest is to look at the empty calories and minimize them. Sugary drinks should be the first target. Too many sweets should be second, followed by heavily processed foods. After that, the most important thing is to make sure you understand the difference between satisfied (no longer hungry) and stuffed. Then make sure you eat until you're satisfied, not stuffed.

As for specific diets, I would rather not go into detail because the details should be different for every person. If you're eating healthy foods, a variety of fruits and vegetables and healthy proteins and carbs, the specifics don't matter. I like tomatoes, my daughter doesn't. She likes olives, I don't. So I'll have tomatoes while she has olives. No big deal.

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Thanks Ryan!!

It seems that I drink too much cooke and eat a lot of fried chicken and fries. I think that has been the reason of my weight increment.

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Those soft drinks will kill you, figuratively and literally. Cut out the Coke and I bet you'll notice a solid difference from that alone. Fried foods aren't far behind the soft drinks.

It's not that you can't have those things. I'd just recommend as little as reasonable. Replace the Coke with water whenever possible and see if you can reduce the fried foods.

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Thanks Ryan!

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Cesar, I would also recommend that you make sure that you eat more slowly as well. Your internal mechanisms work like a thermostat in a home. They take time to react. As you eat your stomach stretches and this causes certain cells to begin sending signals to your brain that the stomach is filling. If you eat too quickly you can overeat before enough signals tell your brain that your stomach is full.

One way to slow down in eating is to be sure that you chew your food more. Not only will this help you slow down in eating it will also aid in the digestive process making it easier for your body to process the food more effectively and efficiently.

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Thanks for the suggestion Ed!! Honestly I ll have to give that a try, I simply eat aumatically and eat faster than I should.

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