Good kinesio tape? Bad antioxidants?
by on Monday, March 30, 2015  (2 comments)

I came across a good summary of what we know currently on kinesio tape that I wanted to pass along. Also, mixed results for mega doses of antioxidants.

Good kinesio tape?

Well...maybe not. Unless you like the placebo effect. (Note: I'm not opposed to using placebos if they will help.)

Bad antioxidants?

In recent years, we've heard of the bad side of long term megadoses of antioxidants.

There's a new review of studies out looking specifically at Vitamin E and some related compounds with some interesting results:

[quote]On the basis of vitamin E and NAC studies, acute intake of antioxidants is likely to be beneficial. However, chronic intakes of most antioxidants have a harmful effect on performance.[/url]

In other words, short term intake appears to be good. Long term intake, not so much.

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Makes you wonder what the next "amazing" advance will be in our sport. Once again we see that these flashes in the pan are nothing to which we should pay much attention.

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I think we should pay attention. We should just find some balance of keeping an open mind and looking on with a skeptical eye. After all, it wasn't that long ago that The Stick was a new thing and foam rollers didn't even exist. Both are now pretty well established as effective tools and widely used by many runners and athletes in other sports.

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