Enjoy the holidays
by on Thursday, December 18, 2014  (2 comments)

The Santa Run by meetminneapolis, on Flickr

As the runners I coach should know by now, I don't have many hard rules but one of those I do have is family comes first. No matter how important running is to you, there is nothing more important than family. For many families spread far and wide, the holiday season is the one time a year when they still get together. No matter how important your running is to you, during this time, don't put your running ahead of your family.

This doesn't mean you don't run during the holidays. For many of us, running is more than just the sport we choose to compete in. It's a coping mechanism, a stress relief and simply a great way to center ourselves. Especially when spending a lot of time in close proximity to people who you may have grown away from in some ways, it's important to have those exact things. In order to avoid family feuds, it may be necessary to slip out for a run to destress and get yourself recentered.

Maybe you can even keep your training largely intact. If so, great. If not, don't fight it. Do what you can and you'll have January to get your training rhythm back. Just be sure to keep your priorities in mind. Don't let a handful of training runs get in the way of quality family time.

On a related note, I'll be attempting to make my usual Monday posts for the next two weeks but don't count on the usual Thursday posts. I will very likely be too busy enjoying the holidays and time with family.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

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Happy holidays to you too!!

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Thanks Cesar.

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