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Combat boots vs. running shoes, more evidence that more running is good for you
by on Monday, March 9, 2015  (0 comments)

One would think asking the following two questions would produce common sense answers. In one case, one might be wrong.

Does running in combat boots make you more likely to sustain an injury than running in running shoes? No. What? Really?

One would expect that running in combat boots would lead to a higher injury rate than running in running shoes, right? Well, the US Army changed from using combat boots to running shoes for PT in 1982. A review of studies was done comparing injury rates during Basic Combat Training (BCT) before and after the 1982 change. The result?

These analyses provided little support for a reduction in injury risk after the switch from boots to running shoes for PT in BCT.

What does this mean? I'm not totally sure but it's interesting to think that running shoes may be no more useful in avoiding injury than combat boots.

Is more running healthy? Yes. Surprised? Why?

Alex Hutchinson explores the topic again.

I'm with him in that it's a shame we even have to address this issue. This time, we have a study with the numbers to draw a more fair and accurate conclusion. What does it find? Even at high fitness levels, being more fit definitely decreases your mortality.

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