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by on Thursday, May 21, 2015  (2 comments)


Have you been looking for more at HillRunner.com? Have you been looking for a way to support HillRunner.com without signing up for coaching?

I've been hearing just these things from some of you. You'd like to see videos, you'd like more tips, you'd like a closer, more tightly knit community. Some of you have even been generous enough to say you'd like to support HillRunner.com financially but you don't feel the need to sign up for coaching. That's why I'm starting Club HillRunner.com. To meet all of those requests.

So what is Club HillRunner.com? To be honest, I picture the club as the community of runners who sign up. However, let's talk about what this community can expect to see.

What can Club HillRunner.com members expect to get?

To start out, there will be three primary benefits of joining Club HillRunner.com:

1) Membership in a private Facebook group: This is a group where I will share weekly tips that I don't share publicly elsewhere. I also share links to interesting articles when I have too many to blog about and I hope to see it grow into a community where we can share in our experiences, support each other and ask and answer questions in a more private setting than we can elsewhere.

Every week, you will find a tip that is posted just to the group. From training tips...

...to advice on form and everything in between.

2) Exclusive access to a library of training videos: The library isn't yet set up but will be before Club HillRunner.com officially launches on July 1st. This will be a place to find short instructional videos on a variety of things, from strength training exercises to form drills, stretches and tips on running form. I'm sure it will also include a few other things of interest as the library grows.

3) The HillRunner.com SuperCalc: Have you ever used the HillRunner.com calculators and found yourself wishing the functions of two or more could be combined into one? I know I have so I did something about it. I created the SuperCalc, which does just that. Simply enter a recent race result and you can get information on equivalent race performances, suggested training paces and more all in one place. Even some things that aren't available in the currently available calculators.

The SuperCalc combines the best of the HillRunner.com Calculators into one easy to use tool. It can predict your performance at any distance you would like, given a result at another distance.

At the same time, it will give you equivalent performances at some commonly run distances.

It will even help you find recommended training paces in the same place.

Keep in mind that more benefits will be coming in the future. For instance, I have some ideas to improve the training log that will be made available first to Club HillRunner.com members before they are made available publicly.

Finally, you'll be supporting HillRunner.com financially. Some of you have asked about donating to the site. I appreciate the offers but I've never felt right accepting donations without offering something in return. So this is what I can offer. If you want to support HillRunner.com, this is how you can do so and get something in return.

Signing up is easy and inexpensive, especially if you do so soon! Right now if you sign up, you can get membership good through the end of June 2016 for just $10. Just follow this link to find sign up information.

Note: If you are receiving coaching from me, you are already a Club HillRunner.com member. No need to sign up!

If you have any questions about this new offering, please don't hesitate to ask.

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Sounds great! I'm always bookmarking videos or articles that I like but it's not an efficient way of keeping them. Really would love to have a *library* of sorts to access. How many times to do you have a running friend w/ a specific problem/question and you just can't recall where you read up on it?!

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That in my opinion is one of the most exciting parts. I'm building the video section using the blogging infrastructure and intend to use the tags for different categories, segmenting the library in easy to use ways. As the library grows, I'm also thinking of other ways to categorize he videos so they will all be easy to find.

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