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by on Monday, April 27, 2015  (3 comments)

Just one link this week but I think it's a very good one.

We've probably all heard by now about the importance of keeping a training log. I hope we all are keeping a training log.

In addition, have you considered writing before a race about not just your training but also your upcoming race? Especially if you're nervous about the race, it could be helpful.

This article about writing about your running makes a good case for writing more about your running.

It covers the training log aspects. The idea of reviewing your training to gain confidence in the work you have done, seeing where your strengths and weaknesses lie and so on.

In addition, it puts a real focus on writing about your race ahead of time. By getting your aspirations, apprehensions and other feelings about a race down on paper (or, I suppose, pixels) before the race, I believe that allows you to deal with your emotions ahead of time. As mentioned in the article, it also allows you to remember what your goals are, why you set those goals in the first place and plan out the best strategy, including backup plans in case something doesn't go as originally planned, to accomplish those goals.

Writing out your plans and reviewing your logs also allows you to ensure your goals truly fall in line with where you are in your training. Maybe you find that your original goal was too aggressive and you can back off it a little. Or it was a little too conservative and you can bump it up a little.

So, if you're not keeping a training log right now, what are you waiting for? Get started! If you are, great but are you doing more? Try writing down your goals and your plan to accomplish those goals before your next race.

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That is a great idea!! I have a blog since 2009,, there I write about my training and racing, also if something is bothering me or how I am feeling during training, etc. I think that is very valuable because that way when you read back you can realize what you did to run a certain time, or how you train to get certain results, etc. Also you can compare workouts from the past, races from the past, etc.

I think its all pros having a blog.


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A personal blog is a handy tool, along with a training log for those things you may want to document but not share publicly. One of the reasons I have posted my race reports for so many years (though I'm about a week and a half behind on posting a report of my latest race) is that I would have a record to look back on. It's interesting what you can find in that record. Some very useful nuggets.

I like this idea of looking forward with writing. We think a lot about logging but how often do we think of looking forward in this way? By writing things down, first, you're more likely to recall and stick to the plan. Second, you might find holes in the plan. I've long been a proponent of writing down your race goals and posting them where you are always reminded of them but this takes it a step further. It's a step I would definitely be in support of.

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I am waiting for that report :P

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