Be the hawk
by on Monday, March 24, 2014  (3 comments)

Two miles from the end of my long run Saturday, I saw a hawk on a fence post about 20 feet away from me with a roughly 3/4 eaten carcass of what I believe was a rabbit. For the next 1/4 mile, I found myself wondering, did I look more like the hawk or the rabbit?

Then, I thought to myself I don't care which I look like. I'm out here to become the hawk. I want to be the powerful predator, not the helpless prey. Whether or not I look like the rabbit right now, these final two miles are part of my becoming the hawk. The rest of the run, I finished strong, repeating the mantra "be the hawk" to myself.

Next time you're out on a tough long run or workout or, especially if you're going through a tough spot in a race, remember, be the hawk. Stay strong. Be the predator. Don't let yourself become the prey.

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Thanks for the visual Ryan. Especially since when I ran for the first time outdoors in 11 weeks on Saturday, I remembered something that had been missing from my treadmill runs... the wind!
In addition, most of my routes all end with a return to my neighborhood running uphill, so I will try and focus on making that last mile be my strongest if not my fastest.

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Peter, I'm glad you liked it. I was a little worried actually that it might be a little too powerful/gory of a visual but I was thinking about it after the run and I just felt it was too powerful of a visual not to share.

I've been finding the same thing as I finally can get outdoors this month after too many treadmill long runs. The wind and hills make a big difference.

In my opinion, there is no shame in taking off a little from earlier in the run in order to be able to finish strong. I like to always work on finishing strong as that's exactly what I want to be doing in races.

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This is indeed a good visual. I can alternate that mantra with my sub 6 mantra. When I start feeling the effects of a tough workout I will tell myself "sub six" and "be the hawk." That will help me keep the thought that in order to achieve the sub six pace I will need to go after it like a relentless predator.

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