A New Start
by on Wednesday, June 19, 2013  (4 comments)

Last night I took my 2 youngest children, 9 and 6, out for a mile run. They impressed me so much that this morning we headed to the local county park and ran the roller coaster trails along the river. Of course my son decided that with all the woods and shade that we were actually in the rain forest and made monkey noises as he ran. My daughter likes a steady pace while my son likes to surge. Every few minutes we walk for 30 seconds and then they are off again. They both really enjoyed the tactical aspects of the trail and went out of their way to leap over woodchuck holes and roots. Both really enjoyed the section that was a tad bit muddy and sported mud splattered legs like cross country runners. We even went back and ran the trails with Daddy tonight so they have now completed their first double. It is only about a mile or so of running with 2 stops at Artisan wells so I hope to work up to 2 laps by later this summer.

I hope this is the start of a lifetime of running for both of them. It was a good day.

My own running has been getting better this week. I have done a few mini workouts within runs and have had a few glimmers of hope that the runner I once was is still there. Monday I did a short tempo on the track followed by a few 1000s and was very happy with my pace for both. Tonight I did a 3 mile hilly tempo in the middle of my run home from the park and was satisfied with how it went. It will be awhile before I can do the workouts I once did but I am hoping that with just 40 miles a week instead of 60 for the summer that I can focus more on quality and...those sunshine splattered trail runs with the kids:)

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Very happy for you Charlene. It seems like you may have found the secret to your new success.

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I love it! The enthusiasm of children can really be contagious.

As for your own running, it sounds like you're finding what works for you. While we all know the cookie cutter training ideas that might work for the majority of people, we're all individuals. We all need to find our own path in the end. Maybe your path isn't the conventional one. If not, you can't force it. Maybe 40 miles a week is just what's right for you. Or maybe 50 over the winter and 40 over the summer or something like that.

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That sounds like a fun day. It would be great if we could all embrace the joy and enthusiasm of children when we run.

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We can. You just have to decide to not take yourself too seriously. I have no mileage goals or race goals anymore...just get in a run as often as I can. I still keep track but only because I have for 31 years and can't seem to stop. The numbers are on a one way slope and it does not go up:)

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