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A little now or a lot later?
by on Tuesday, March 18, 2014  (2 comments)

Just a quick post this week. It seems like a lot of people right now are getting sick or a little dinged up as winter is hopefully in its final throes.

If you're one of those people, always keep this in mind: Do you want to miss a couple of days now, when your illness or injury is minor and can be overcome quickly, or miss weeks or months later?

Take care of yourself now. Missing a few days or backing off for a week now won't set you back. Missing much more later could put all the hard work you did through this brutal winter at risk.

If you have managed to stay healthy, I hope you can remain that way but don't forget this if something does come up.

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This is exactly where I am right now. Non running related issue with my foot that is keeping me from training for a total of three days so far. I feel good improvement every day but I want to wait and be sure I am fully ready to rock when I get going again.

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It's where I was last week. Caught a nasty cold that had me in bed for 36 hours and off my game for most of the week. But I listened to my body and returned this week feeling like I hadn't missed a beat.

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