A full week and a 5k!
by on Saturday, May 4, 2013  (2 comments)

My week does not end until Sunday but I already got all my workouts in for the week and with a 8 or 10 mile easy run tomorrow I will be up over 60 miles for the week.

I had a good tempo run on Monday, a fast finish 15 miler in 80 degree temps on Wednesday, and a race on Saturday. The 5k was a last minute decision. It was one of those little town races that are more of a charity walk anyway. The course was flat and traffic free and it's only drawback was about 13 turns which is a tad bit excessive for a 5k. It ended up to be an almost solo effort with the 1st place man almost a minute ahead of me and the 2nd place man over a minute behind me. The 1st half I felt great and was wondering if I would accomplish great things. I cannot say I felt bad the second half but a tad bit unmotivated to push to the limit. I have this fear that I will crash and burn and that fear can hold me back from really taking off. This is a good fear to have in a half marathon but not a good fear during a 5k. I also misjudged how many blocks I had left near the end due to all the turns and ended up closer to the finish line than I wanted to be before starting to kick. But anyway I finished in 19:06 which is an alright time for me for a 5k. I always prefer to be under 19 but as long as I am under 19:20 I am happy. My PR is 18:44 for 5k. I have ran this PR 3 different times over the past 5 years. I am quite optimistic that this will be the summer that I finally lower that PR. I have a fast 5k in June and another in July and I think that those will be very good places to attempt to push myself to the limit.

Just 2 weeks until Green Bay and I admit that my only plan is to latch on to whatever pace my rhythm falls into that morning. Hopefully it will be a pleasant surprise. Like when you have to force yourself to slow down at the start as the "way too fast pace" feels too easy and you settle in right where you want to be. This would be much better than when you start out right at goal pace and it feels hard already. I am kind of hoping to just stay within the 6:40s.

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I forgot to say what I won as there were no prizes. But the local paper did interview me and asked me who I was running for as this run was for some cancer center. I dedicated my race to my grandmother Alvina, whom I never knew, who died at age 49 of ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer was a death sentence 40 years ago and it still is today. This will be a nice article to give to my mother on Mother's Day and is better than a medal.

Josh also won a American Doll for Corrina in the silent auction. I was kind of surprised at this as it was a splurge but he told me that he knew that it was for cancer and he wanted to save boobies:)

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It's good to hear you've bounced back from that disappointing week well. The 5K is tough. Coming from longer distances, it's hard mentally to really let loose like you need to in a 5K. Without one or two in preparation, I have trouble laying it all out there, even though I've run dozens of 5Ks and I can't recall ever crashing. That last mile also hurts like heck if you're running it right so it's easy to understand letting off the gas pedal just a bit if you're not in the midst of a good head to head battle or highly motivated to push for a fast time.

Best wishes for Green Bay. It sounds like you're ready. I'm sure you'll have a good one there.

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