A few administrative notes
by on Monday, August 19, 2013  (4 comments)

I'm sorry about no post last week. I intended to but I got sidetracked on a few other projects for the site and I simply ran out of time. A post will be coming later this week. I'm going to probably settle into a routine of normally posting weekly on either Wednesday or Thursday.

So what was I working on last week that prevented me from getting the post done? Three things primarily:

1) Comment links are now more intuitive: If you clicked on comment links previously, you probably noticed that they weren't the most intuitive. They should now perform more as you would expect. If you click on a link to a comment, instead of going to the top of the comments section, you'll go directly to the comment you clicked from. I hope that makes sense. If not, click a few links and it will probably make more sense.

2) Blogger RSS feeds: Later this week, you'll be able to click through to a blogger's profile page (such as mine) and the profile page will include links to RSS feeds for an individual's posts or comments. This means that, if you wish, you don't have to subscribe to all posts or all comments if you want to follow a specific person and not the blogs as a whole. I'll comment here when these links are available.

3) New HillRunner.com singlets and shirts! To me, the most exciting thing I got sidetracked with last week. I finalized the design last week and will be placing an order Thursday evening. Designs are below. Do you want one? Two ways to get one for free right now. Either sign up for online coaching or join Team HillRunner.com at Al's Run. If you do either, please let me know before Thursday evening what you would like (singlet, women's singlet, short sleeve, women's short sleeve, long sleeve) and what size. I'm also going to get some extras for giveaways and in case anyone wants to buy one (at a reasonable price, I'm not looking to profit on these).

Image Image

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They sure could of used a more athletic model for those singlets. Keep in mind that they look much better on an actual runner.

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Well, this isn't an athletic gear company so I'll excuse the model choice. In fact, they didn't even have running gear until recently.

As for the gear itself, before deciding to go with this setup, I did a lot of research on this line of gear (the New Balance Tempo line). The reviews from runners are generally very positive. Non-runners give mixed reviews but the bad reviews are the things runners usually would appreciate. Things like the cut in the back or fit.

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I have a neon coral New Balance singlet and I love the fit. It skims just right and the fabric is perfect.

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It took far longer than intended but blogger RSS feeds are now available. You can visit a blogger's profile page (such as mine) and find feeds for both posts and comments, as well as handy Feedly follow links.

This will be useful for those of you who want to follow someone without following the whole blog. For example, if you want to follow Charlene's posts or Ed's comments without seeing everything I post or comment, you can use one of their feeds.

More is coming. I have several things, for the blogs and elsewhere, on my to do list.

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