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Al's Run 2015
by on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I was the first of Team Hillrunner to arrive but I always like to be early for races – I get anxious if I am not. As always, I also have a lot of nervous energy before a race and usually pace around like a caged animal. So this time I made sure that I drank water, used the facilities and then meditated. I concentrated on my breathing to relax myself. Eventually, three of our team members showed up; Josh Jackett, Gerald Cameron and Dave Dehart. We chatted and I pinned the bib on my Team Hillrunner shirt. I was still worried a bit about my recent tear to my calf muscle as I was not 100% and would have to monitor that closely so I wouldn’t get carted to my car and hurt the team.

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Personal and team race report: 2015 Al's Run - battling adversity
by on Monday, September 21, 2015

Al's Run is, of course, always the big Team HillRunner.com event of the year. This is the 13th year we've entered a team under the HillRunner.com banner. As always, I'm very touched and honored by the great group of runners who agree to run under the HillRunner.com banner.

This year was a struggle from the start, though. Due to injuries and other issues, a handful of recent Team HillRunner.com members were unable to make the race this year. While this hurt the team's depth, I still felt we were fielding a solid team. Unfortunately, we had another runner bow out after registering due to not being race ready. Before I go any further, first let me wish all those who couldn't run this year well on your recovery efforts. I hope to see you at Al's Run next year not just to solidify our compeitive pursuits but because it's always sad for me to see team members missing.

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Mindfulness training
by on Thursday, September 17, 2015

This is going to be a short post. I'm busy getting myself and Team HillRunner.com ready for Al's Run and with a few other projects. I do have a longer post in the works but it's not ready for today. Hopefully, I'll have it ready for next week. It's one I'm excited about.

This week, though, I came across this interesting article about mindfulness training.

While I haven't always thought of it in this term, I've always been a fan of what is described there. The idea as I view it essentially boils down to being in the moment and remaining calm no matter what is going on. On race day, this means be fully aware of what's happening right now and being ready to respond thoughtfully, not reflexively, to what goes on. If someone passes you, do you surge to get back ahead, do you try to go with them and attempt the pass later or do you let them go with the hopes you can pass them back later or the understanding that you just can't hold that pace?

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Eating disorders
by on Thursday, September 10, 2015

I've encountered a few instances recently that have made me realize how prevalent in the running world eating disorders are.

One of these instances that spurred this post was this article, written by Jenny Scherer. Another was an article on Suzy Favor Hamilton, who also had to overcome eating disorders.

I just wanted to address this topic not because I think this post alone will spur someone to seek the help they need but because I guess I had my head in the sand. I knew they existed but I didn't realize how common eating disorders were in the running community. In recent weeks, I've heard of several runners I never would have guessed before who faced these issues.

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Monthly report for August
by on Monday, September 7, 2015

Other than a great race performance August was a terrible month for my running. The month started off while I was camping in the woods - still hadn't figured out the logistics of running and getting cleaned up after the run (got it now). So I did not run the first nine days of August. Then on the 19th I twisted my ankle and needed time off.

Ten days and five runs later I had a phenomenal race (see the race report.) I earned a new PR that was 52 seconds faster than the previous PR and in a race as short as a 5k that is huge.

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Run without limits
by on Thursday, September 3, 2015


Ed ran a 52 second PR in a 5K this past weekend! 52 seconds in a 5K, that's insane! Over 15 seconds per mile improvement off a respectable time for a runner of his age and background.

How did he do it? Well, a lot went into it.

However, I'd like to point out one factor right now. He didn't limit himself. To be honest, I would have had him running with even fewer limits if it were up to me. I wanted him to run watchless and suggested before the race doing so. He wanted to wear his watch to keep himself from going out too fast.

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Race report: 2015 Hootie Hustle 5K
by on Monday, August 31, 2015

My second of two race reports from August races.

the Hootie Hustle is a second annual event supporting the scholarship fund at the school district I live in so I feel an obligation to show up. Besides, last year I discovered that it's a pretty nice course overall and it had better competition than I was expecting. Plus, this year, I'm unable to make it to the Jamie Block Alumni Meet at UW-Stout so it's the perfectly timed replacement for that as a final Al's Run tune-up.

As I mentioned, this course is pretty nice overall. I wasn't expecting so much in Slinger, a pretty hilly town. However, they found a course where you have a long, gradual climb in the first half and a long, gradual descent in the second half. Before the race this year, someone mentioned the middle school, roughly the high point of the course, is 130 feet higher than the start/finish area, roughly the low point. So it's not like we're mountain climbing but it's hardly pancake flat.

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Race report: 2015 Hank Aaron State Trail 5K
by on Monday, August 31, 2015

I'm a little behind on race reports. It's been a hectic summer. So I'm going to be posting two race reports in fairly short order.

First up, the Hank Aaron State Trail 5K. As seems to be the case every year recently, I find myself at some point questioning whether I should run this race. This time, as mentioned, I had a very busy summer. The weekend before this race, I was in Illinois going through an RRCA coaching certification course (which I'll write about when I get a chance). 2 days, 8-9 hours per day plus driving, then return to work on Monday. Plus I had a 100 question test I had to complete on my own time after the course was completed and I wanted to get that done before going on vacation the weekend after the HAST 5K. So I thought about skipping the race because I thought I'd be pretty drained.

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Hootie Hustle 5K Race Report
by on Sunday, August 30, 2015

August started out very poorly for training and I was just recovering from a light ankle sprain ten days before race day so I had mixed feelings about my possible race performance. I had a great workout on Tuesday so I did have some confidence.

The weather seemed less than ideal with a mix between a light rain and a heavy mist. The winds were less than ten MPH so that was good.

I did try something new this time and that was eat something about three hours before the race. I, as always drink a lot of water and some Gatorade.

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Team HillRunner.com: 2015 Al's Run
by on Friday, August 28, 2015



I'm terribly sorry for the late start. It's been a hectic summer and I simply let this slip through the cracks.

I won't waste anyone's time on this. Most of you probably know the details. If you don't, here's a quick run down.

Race: Al's Run 8K
Date/time: September 19th, 10:30AM race start
Location: Downtown Milwaukee, starting at the Marquette campus and finishing near Summerfest grounds

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